5 Non-Traditional Movies for your Valentines’ Day


The candles are ready, the dinner’s planned out, the popcorn is patiently waiting in the background but now the most trivial thing is afoot: what movie to watch.

Choosing the correct film to watch with your loved one, regardless of the occasion, is a difficult task. She likes musicals and you like horror movies. He likes documentaries and you like action flicks. Sooner or later, one of you will not be paying attention to the film, checking Snapchat or playing the newest iteration of Candy Crush.

Why not skip the traditional rom-com and try something different this year? The following movies are not all focused specifically and mainly on romance as such, nor do they follow the tired, although enjoyable, patterns of the genre.

Here’s a list of five non-traditional movies that will keep the love flowing.


Man on Wire

Year: 2008

Where to watch: (Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, iTunes)

IMDb score: 7.8

A delightful film about a dreamer who wanted to walk on a tightrope between the World Trade Center towers and had the skills to do so. Sure, this one is a documentary, but it will keep you two holding hands as Philippe Petit tells you about his quixotic feat. Not to be confused by the movie featuring the same story.


Begin Again

Year: 2014

Where to watch: (Netflix, iTunes)

IMDb score: 7.4

If there’s anything that would convince you to watch this movie, is the fact that Adam Levine of Maroon V is in it. It may be considered a rom-com, but not in a traditional sense. Begin again is one of my top movies as it is a celebration about the love between friends you’d hope to meet in real life. If you like music and appreciate its power, this is a film that you can’t help but enjoy.


Get Out

Year: 2017

Where to Watch: (Prime Video, iTunes, HBO Go, HBO Now)

IMDb score: 7.7

If you’re into horror, this one is for you.  This was one of the surprise hit movies of 2017 about a couple who go visit the girl’s parents who live in suburbia. This movie is a kind of horror where racism is the bad guy. Unfortunately, it is difficult to comment on this movie without giving away its secrets.



Year: 2011

Where to watch: (iTunes)

IMDb score: 7.4

This is a fun movie. If anything, it is a well-made Hollywood flick with an interesting story and great cinematography that keeps you rooting for the main character.  We meet Eddy Morra, a writer who suffers from writer’s block, who is introduced to a revolutionary pharmaceutical, called MZT which enhances the user’s brain capability. By the end of the movie, you feel your mind racing and wondering where you could get your hands on some of that MZT for your finals.


The Cloverfield Paradox

Year: 2018

Where to watch: (Netflix)

IMDb score: 5.8

The perfect movie to talk about after it’s over, mostly for the questions that it leaves you and the thrill of not knowing exactly what is going on. I suggest you watch this movie without reading anything about it. If you’ve watched any Cloverfield-titled movies before the Cloverfield Paradox, this one counts as a prequel.






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