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About The Statesman:

The Utah Statesman is the student newspaper of Utah State University, an independent newspaper published three times each week (Mon-Wed-Fri) of the academic school year. During Summer Semester, news can be found at Statesman Online.

The Statesman is a student activity, open to students of all majors and class rank. Inquiries about working for The Statesman should be made at Taggart Student Center, Room 105, or e-mail inquiries to statesman@aggiemail.usu.edu

Phone: 435-797-1775


Fax: 435-797-1760



Mailing Address: The Utah Statesman

PO Box 1249-USU

Logan, UT 84322-0165


Physical Address: The Utah Statesman

Taggart Center 105

Utah State University

Logan, UT 84322-0165

Articles on our website are open to comment and suggestions from readers. Here are some hints on how to make that happen:

Keys to CommentIng on this site:


• Keep it clean. Avoid language that is obscene, vulgar, lewd or sexually-oriented. If you can’t control yourself, don’t post it.

• Don’t threaten to hurt or kill anyone. Even if you’re joking. And speaking of joking, please be aware that irony and sarcasm don’t always translate via the written comment. Better to be simple and straightforward than confusing and marginally funny.

• Be truthful. Don’t lie about anyone or anything — again — even if you’re joking.

• Be nice. Hard for some online regulars, it’s true. Don’t use racism, sexism or any other sort of -ism that degrades another person. PLEASE TURN OFF YOUR CAPS LOCK, and forgive people their spelling errors.

• Don’t use this space to promote a website or product. Comments that include lists of websites may be edited. This is for your arguments, not others’.

• Comments don’t have to be complaints. Share what you know on the subject,  observations and history. What more do you want to know about the story? Ask questions.

• But mostly, stay focused and stay on topic. Comments are not to be directed to individuals (other readers, for example)  but to the topic at hand. Simple.

Letters to the editor (for publication in The Utah Statesman and online) can be done by looking at locations on this site with a letter submission box.

Archives of past issues are available on this site for view.

Advertising questions can be answered and ads can be submitted by checking out the Advertising links under “Options.”

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