Aggie Ice Cream to be sold in Salt Lake City, Heber



Salt Lake City and Heber, Utah are getting a sweet deal soon — residents will be able to buy Aggie Ice Cream without driving all the way to Logan.

Lee’s Marketplace opened a new location in North Salt Lake City two weeks ago, according to their website, and a new location in Heber last October, reported the Herald Journal. Both locations have opted to stock Aggie Ice Cream.

“I am all about people selling Aggie Ice Cream,” said Bridgett Liberty, program coordinator at Aggie Ice Cream.

“Of course I love that people visit our shop and get to have that Aggie Ice Cream experience, but I am happy they get to enjoy it at home as well,” she said.

The new business has made Aggie Ice Cream quite busy lately.

“They opened and sold a lot of our ice cream fast,” said Rachel Hulse, a shift leader at Aggie Ice Cream and recent graduate of Utah State University in elementary education.

“The size of the orders that we put together in the freezer basically tripled,” said Katherine Taylor, another Aggie Ice Cream shift leader.

Despite the rush, the large orders “really haven’t impacted us at all at this point,” Liberty said.

“We just project more ice cream being sold and plan accordingly,” she said.

Liberty feels very positive about the future of Aggie Ice Cream on campus.

“The future of the Aggie Creamery has always been pretty dang bright,” Liberty said.

Aggie Ice Cream is quite popular — the Aggie Creamery won KSL’s 2016 “best local ice cream shop” poll.

“We get new inquiries from people almost daily about becoming vendors of Aggie Ice Cream,” Liberty said.

The Aggie Creamery is making sure that all the fame doesn’t go to their heads, however.

“We also need to remember that we are a teaching and research lab first. Without the teachers and students we wouldn’t have this yummy product,” Liberty said.


Photo by Tim Carpenter

Graphic by Emmalee Olsen

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