Aggie Recreation Center receives gold standard for energy efficiency


One year after it opened, the Aggie Recreation Center received gold status from LEED for its high levels of energy efficiency.

LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a company that looks at  environmental stewardship, innovation and social responsibility. The company tests the energy efficiency of new buildings.

Back when the ARC was being built, contractors were assigned to take down points for status qualifications.

The lowest amount of points to obtain only a certification status 40-41 points. Campus Recreation Director Chase Ellis said “the goal was to at least achieve silver. When we saw what we could do, we were in the 44-45 point range.”

The higher rating means that the ARC has a smaller impact on the environment than other buildings.

The large windows in the ARC provide an abundance of sunlight and are energy efficient. James Morales, vice president for Student Affairs, said the windows utilize outside sunlight to cut down on heating costs.

“There are two pieces of glass with a sheet with tiny holes in it in between them,” he said. “It allows light to pass through but keeps out UV rays. It doesn’t make the building hot because it lets light in and keeps heat out.”

The ARC was entirely funded by student fees.

Brian Isom, Former Student Recreation Director, was in charge of making sure students were “paying for a building to give them what they wanted.”

Isom said his initial focus for the ARC wasn’t energy efficiency.

“I wanted to make sure we had basketball courts and stuff,” he said.

The weather in Logan can get a little dreary. Isom wanted a space for students to enjoy the views of Logan without having to be out in the cold.

“We want our students to have campus rec,” said Blake Lyman, athletics and campus recreation vice president. “We want them to have these opportunities to work out, to exercise, to have fun, make friends and all these different things.”

Ellis said the certification is “not only that it is energy efficient and sustainable, but also is a token to show everyone initially involved.”


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