Aggie Shuttle ‘shuttles’ through construction

Aggie Shuttle

Aggie Shuttle buses are facing the challenge of road construction on 1000 north, between 800 east and 1200 east.

Busses are taking detours on 9th north and 9th east. “We know it’s a bad time however, the detour isn’t that bad. We are working to complete it as quick as we can,” said Mark Nielsen, public works director.

The purpose for the construction is the to repair the underground sewer and to make the sidewalks comply with the American Disability Act. Construction is estimated to be finished on Oct. 15.  

Alden Ericson, supervisor of Aggie Shuttle,  wants to inform Utah State University students not to enter Maverick stadium west lot from the south end. Only shuttle buses are allowed to enter.

This area is one of the parking areas where high level donors park that will only have one entrance and one exit.

The only shuttle stop students aren’t allowed to use is located by Blue Square apartments. Students who usually use the Blue Square stop are encouraged to use the stop at Maverick stadium.

“We will try to do our best to accommodate everybody. We will appreciate everyone’s patience,” Ericson said.

The construction was supposed to start in May and be completed in July. However, it was delayed because of previous projects.

“It wasn’t our first choice,” Nielsen said.

Nielsen also said the construction couldn’t wait because paving can’t be done in the winter.

Maverick Stadium is right in the midst of the construction making access difficult for all of the extra traffic.

John Hartwell,vice president and director of athletics, is concerned with the intersection between 8th east and 1000 north.

Hartwell urged the city to finish it on Sept. 28 due to the game against Brigham Young University on Sept. 29.

“That’s going to be the largest crowd of the year,” Hartwell said.

“We wish we could do it without impacting the extent we are but we can’t,” Nielsen said.

Nielsen wishes there was a way that the city didn’t have to make such an impact at such an inconvenient time.


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