Blue Square resident transported to hospital, alcohol poisoning may be to blame


A young woman was transported to the hospital Wednesday night from Blue Square apartments, reportedly inebriated to the point of alcohol poisoning.

Two Utah State University police cars as well as an ambulance and firetruck were dispatched to Blue Square apartments on 800 E around 12:30 Thursday morning, according to police scanner and eyewitness accounts. Called on a possible alcohol poisoning incident, police assured bystanders that there is nothing criminal to report.

“We were stopped on the elevator when we were instructed to exit in order to accommodate space for the four paramedics and a young woman on a gurney,” Blue Square resident Ean Donehey said. “She looked pale, flustered, and nauseous.”

Blue Square is a part of the Utah State housing system, and residents are prohibited from having and consuming alcohol on the premises. Police scanners originally reported that the subject may be a minor.

“We are good,” a USU police officer said on the scene. “Nothing criminal to report.”

The woman was taken out of apartment B203, and taken immediately to the hospital. She was sitting upright, and, while clutching a sick bag and coughing, was conscious and breathing fine. Updates to follow.

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