Body Talk: An Out of Body Experience

Body Talks

My experience with Body Talk was kind of an out-of-body one.

I felt incredibly in touch with my body, but also that I had never been more out of sync with my body. I went into the Millennial Wellness Center excited and anxious to see who would get to be the surrogate for the group experience of Body Talk. Little did I know, the person that was going to volunteer was going to be me. I was a little bit skeptical before I was asked to lay on the table. Spencer asked me a series of questions related to my stresses in school and with life. I answered as accurately as I could, and before I knew it, he was tapping on my wrist, my head, my heart, and my stomach, reading the different energies in my body as he went. I could feel things shift inside my body ever so slightly.

While the session was brief, I found myself intrigued throughout the process of him reading my energies and explaining things about myself that not many others would know about me. Spencer didn’t even know me, and he brought things to the surface that technically only one other team member in the room knew about me. Although I’m like an open book, it was kind of scary to not know what he was going to say about me in front of the other members of the Statesman’s Student Life team. The room had an eerie silence to it as the team watched Spencer work his energy magic on me. I felt a change in temperature in the room and was even given a blanket to help regulate my body temperature.

By the end of the session, Spencer explained what I would be feeling for the next couple days, as well as the next couple weeks. He told me I would feel really tired that night, but would be a bubbly, happy version of myself the next day. That night, I was definitely tired. I felt almost drained and not really like myself.

I woke up the next day after a really nice night of rest. I slept better that night than I have slept in months. It was a miraculous change. I do not have the best sleep regimen, but that day, I woke up rested and ready to take on the day. I still felt a little out of my own body, but went along with my day as best as I could. I didn’t feel like much was different.

Spencer told me that him reading my energy and “talking to my body and spirit” is a detoxification process that I will most likely be feeling for the next couple weeks. I can already feel that there are a few changes I would like to make in my life and I can feel subtle changes happening inside my body. It is really difficult to explain until you experience it for yourself.

The second day after the experience, I felt a little bit different. I was more tired than normal and didn’t have as much energy as I usually do. My whole body felt kind of tense weak, and like I’m living in another dimension. Spencer told me there were things being held within me that I was having a hard time letting go of. He told me there was a deeply rooted fear inside me that was making it hard for me to want to move on. I came away from the experience with an intense desire to find out what that fear is and why it is holding me back.

I hope to be able to write more about this experience as the “detoxification process” takes place over the next two weeks. Although I came into the experience as a skeptic, I attempted to keep an open mind. At the conclusion of the experience, I felt that I had a stronger connection to my body and emotions than I have had in awhile. Although it is tough to say what I will be feeling by the end of the two week period, I can say it was worth the shot to get more in touch with myself and my emotions, especially as a stressed out and busy college student. I am looking forward to finding out what effect this experience will have on my mind and body, especially as I prepare for a midterm exam in the coming week.

For those with an open mind, this experience can be healing, rewarding, and unique. It might just be the medicine you need. Give it a try. You may be surprised by what you can find out about yourself through the energy healer Spencer Watson.




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  1. Eric Walker

    Um… “natural energies” aren’t a thing that exist. Your body doesn’t have different “energies” that can accessed and changed just by touching different places on your body. Detoxification happens naturally by way of your kidneys and your liver.

    This type of “medicine” has zero scientific backing and has never been proven to work in any other way than as a placebo. Presenting this sort of thing as legitimate is dangerous and is unbecoming of a newspaper associated with a high-ranking research university.

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