How can a government hope to run successfully if the people hold no respect for the offices?

Letter to editor

Dear America,

The most recent presidential race resulting in the election of Donald Trump to the office of President of the United States has created a vast mix of emotions throughout the country. While I am not advocating the necessity of support for his policy, or happiness at his election, the nation needs to come together and accept the outcome of the vote, and respect the office of the President.

The 2016 election has produced results ranging from “Not My President Rallies”, to dozens of protests and marches in the streets and upon Capitol Hills, derogatory comments aimed towards children, and the boycotting of those that are guilty of nothing other than being related to Donald Trump.

During the tumultuous times of the 1780’s when the Constitution was being written in early America, the people were extremely anxious to know what kind of system would be created to suit the new ideals of America. Nothing like this had ever been attempted. The men that sat within those halls were making a government, the likes of which had never been seen before. After weeks of debate and discussion, a resolution was reached. Upon exiting the hall, Benjamin Franklin was asked by a woman what kind of government he had given them. He replied, “A Republic madam, if you can keep it”. How are we supposed to keep this government if we are holding protests and rallies proclaiming that we will no longer be a part of it?

There are those that might argue back that they do not wish to keep it. They have no wish to remain part of a governmental rule where Donald Trump is head of the Executive Branch. To all those who voted against Donald Trump, I would like to remind them of the responsibility that follows the right they had to even vote against him.

In that same convention where the foundations of our country were being decided upon, the right to vote was awarded to the citizens. Although this power was limited when it was first introduced, it is now offered and encouraged among all citizens of the US. The United States is multi-party based system, however two dominant parties, the Republicans and the Democrats, have nearly taken over. All citizens have the right to be able to vote for whichever candidate they choose. However, once those votes have been cast, they must respect the outcome. This does not mean they have to respect the victor, just the outcome.

Whether Americans wish to accept it or not, Donald Trump had enough people and support behind him to enable his victory. The whole country does not hate or disagree with him. There are Democrats and Republicans alike who are on both sides of the fence. The bottom line is that Donald Trump won, is our 45th President, and America needs to start respecting that fact.

What entails respecting the office of Presidency? It does not mean we have to agree with him, like him, or respect him as a person, just his office. America is the land of opportunity. One of its hallmark traits was the ability to be able to rise to any station or position, regardless of where you start. This means that no matter how much money you have, where you are from, or who your family is, you have the opportunity to succeed and achieve success. Ivanka Trump, the daughter of Donald Trump, is a fashion designer with several lines sold in several stores across the country. These stores ranged from online stores, to major department store chains. Starting in October, several stores started a boycott against Trump and his policies. Part of the boycott was refusing to sell Ivanka’s fashion lines anymore; all for the mere fact that they disagreed with her father’s policy and running platform. In the land of equal opportunity, how is it fair that we denied someone opportunity because of a familial relation?

The abuse following the dislike for Trump has even reached young children. Trump’s ten-year-old son, Barron Trump, was the victim of several slanderous and offensive comments. When did America degrade into a country that would attack young children, all because we were unhappy with the outcome of a situation?

The Electoral College has been in use since the beginning of voting in America. Although it has come under some criticism through the years, it has not undergone any major changes. Following the 2016 election however, people were suddenly outraged and demanded that the system be changed, claiming that it no longer worked if someone like Trump could work. The system has been in place for hundreds of years with none of the process hidden to the public eye. We knew exactly how it works, and yet the problems people had with it were marginally smaller before a man that many people disliked won.

Starting with our very first president George Washington, and the Constitutional Convention in 1787, this country was on the path towards becoming one of the greatest countries of all time, defying all previous norms and achieving things that were thought to be impossible before. The land of the free and the home of the brave, where anyone could become anything, where you could practice any religion you wanted. The first government of its kind, the right to vote, elected officials meant to represent and serve the people.

This system has been followed for hundreds of years, and has been met with great success. But all of the sudden people are shouting in the streets, breaking windows, and victimizing the innocent, all because the system did not work in their favor one time. With the multi party system, there will always be those who have their chosen candidate in power, and those who do not. Part of our responsibility of keeping this republic that has served us so well, is accepting this that the dice do not always roll in our favor. We need to understand that there will be another election, Donald Trump will not be in power forever, and he is not the sole leader of our country. Someday there will be a leader who you endorse, because you will have the opportunity to vote them there.

Until that moment though, we need to respect the fact that Donald Trump has won, and is the newest President of the United States. How can a government hope to run successfully if the people hold no respect for the offices? There is a difference between respecting people and respecting their position. The people of America need to accept their losses, brush off their knees, and start working together. If we are so convinced that this man is going to bring about the ruin of this nation, why are we helping him by dividing it even further? Our efforts should be directed towards doing our part towards bringing about the success of ourselves, our neighbor, and our country, and not complaining and fighting the fact that we did not get our way.

— Olivia Baird is a freshman and from Orem. She’s studying health promotion. Shewent to Orem high and just spend three months in Ghana volunteering. 

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