Career Aggie makes switch to Aggie Handshake

Aggie Handshake

Utah State students across campus used Career Aggie to find jobs and internships, but now are making the switch to Aggie Handshake.

Donna Crow, the executive director of career services, describes the new platform as more robust and student-friendly than Career Aggie.

“Handshake is used by over 200,000 top employers to easily connect with, recruit and hire our fine Aggie students,” Crow said.

Over 8 million students and young alumni from over 400 universities use Handshake. It is a great way to get into contact with recruiters and future employers and gives students the tools to make their resumes public so employers across all over the United States can see it.

“Coupled with your career coach at Career Services, this system gives students a chance to engage with employers and alumni early before they want to connect for an internship or career position. For students unsure of their career paths, Aggie Handshake provides a method for them to reach out and build relationships with employers they might be interested in as they explore career paths,” Crow said.

“I think the new transition is great. I am excited to see what opportunities this new program could bring me in the future,” said Connor Searle, a student at Utah State University.

Students are encouraged to switch over documents from Career Aggie to Aggie Handshake before Dec. 31 — that is the last day Career Aggie will be accessible.

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