Cheap, Non-Committal Date Ideas

Fun, Cheap, And Non-Commital

Going on dates is a popular social activity for young adults. While some couples are in serious relationships, others prefer dating casually. For those who are afraid of commitment or don’t want to break the bank, it can be hard to plan what to do. Here are a few casual date ideas to do in Cache Valley.

Group dates are a great option for a cheap, noncommittal date. It allows the couple to avoid awkward one-on-one conversation and spend time with friends. Some activities even offer group discounts.

Bowling is another classic activity. Take a date to the bowling alley and compete for the best score. Take advantage of the $2.50 Tuesdays at the Cache Valley Fun Park.

Another sporty and cheap date idea is tennis. City courts are always free to use. There are even tennis courts on campus that are free for students to play.

Save money and make dinner together. A fun idea is to have a group date and make personal pizzas. Everyone gets to be creative and have an awesome meal too. For those looking to eat out for dinner, there are some restaurants that offer good deals. Cafe Sabor on Fridays and Saturdays have fajitas for two for just $15.

The great outdoors is always free. Take a short drive up the canyon for plenty of fun date ideas. Two popular hikes include Wind Caves or the Crimson Trail. Another fun outdoor activity is hammocking. Setting up hammocks in the trees and just swinging around is a relaxing activity for all. In the canyon, there is also rock climbing, snowshoeing, picnics and bonfires.





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