Column: The Tops of Disneyland

What can be said about Disneyland that hasn’t already been said? The food is delicious (overpriced, but what isn’t at Disneyland), the rides are a blast and the weather is exceptionally warm, even during the winter months. All of these things make Disneyland that Happiest Place on Earth, but my favorite part was something completely different. Spending time with my three-year-old nephew was my absolute favorite part. I loved seeing his eyes light up on Soaring Over the World, or when he met Lighting McQueen in Cars Land and showed off his dance moves. I caught myself giggling when he would pretend to call Mickey mouse on the hotel phone to tell him that he “shot Buzz” on Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters and rode the water slide at the hotel. It was adorable when he couldn’t keep his little eyes open for the end-of-day fireworks because he was just too worn out from all the fun. If you can go to Disneyland with close family members, it is such a bonding experience and I highly recommend it. I also have a few recommendations for my top 5 treats and top 5 attractions in Disneyland and California Adventure.
Top 5 Treats
1. Mint juleps paired with Mickey shaped peppermint beignets
The Mint Julep bar, located in New Orleans Square next to Pirates of the Caribbean is where I get my favorite treats for the most moderate price. They sprinkle the beignets with peppermint powdered sugar for the holidays.
2. Hand-dipped corn dogs
These are the best corn dogs you will ever have with the most delicious batter for the low-price of about 10 bucks. You’re probably eating a days worth of calories in one treat, but you’ll walk it off. Side note: As your park hopping, remember the corndog cart in Disneyland is way better than the one in California Adventure. Just trust me.
3. Mickey shaped ice cream bars
Ice cream shaped like Mickey. What could be more magical? You can find them at most food carts.
4. Super-sized pickles
This will probably be the healthiest thing you eat all day. For those looking for more healthy options, grapes, yogurt, granola and other types of healthy foods are sold on the right-hand side of California Adventure right after the entrance.
5.  Churros
Grab a churro and watch the seasonal Christmas parade. Just do it. It is a magical mix of cinnamon sugar goodness.
Top 5 attractions
1.    Radiator Springs Racers
This everyone’s favorite attraction for a good reason. You’re in a custom car, racing down a track in the most beautiful man-made landscape you’ve ever seen (which very much resembles southern Utah). Disney has done it again. But make sure to get a fast pass for this one unless you want to wait 90 minutes.
2. Hyperspace Mountain
An oldie, but a goodie. And with the new upgrade to the Star Wars theme, you are right smack in the middle of the Battle of Jakku. Just don’t ride it with the lights on.
3.    Tower of Terror
RIP. Thanks, Disney. However, from what I’ve heard, the New Guardians of the Galaxy ride to replace Tower of Terror will be ready to open around April, along with the premiere of Guardians of the Galaxy at The Hyperion Theater.
4.    Indiana Jones
Be sure to get on this one before it breaks down. Again.
5.    Toy Story Mania
I seriously feel like a little kid again riding this ride, and I love it (3D glasses and all). Plus, the view of the lovely Paradise Pier while waiting in line isn’t bad either.

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