Dead Week Survival Guide: De-stress Fest offers stress relief activities every day during dead week


As finals week at Utah State University draws nearer, some students expect to ace their tests without a sweat. For others, the thought alone brings a tension headache.

To ease student’s anxiety, the President’s Cabinet at USU will be hosting De-Stress Fest this week with daily events in the Merrill-Cazier Library. The fest will include free food, self-care workshops, games, and even a visit from some therapy dogs. The President’s Cabinet will also be caroling to on-campus housing for some holiday cheer.

Michael Scott Peters, the president of the USUSA Executive Council, has been specifically looking forward to this.

“It will be so nice to go out and get some fresh air,” Peters said. “Anyone is free to come out and join. We’d like to get as many people there as we can.”

Peters has been planning the De-Stress Fest since his campaign for president last February.

“I thought that students need something to look forward to during finals week. It also takes place in the library, which is where everyone spends their late nights and early mornings (during finals week),” he said. “It’s something I based my platform on.”

Peters included some words of encouragement for his fellow Aggies.

“This is something you don’t have to do alone. Study together, de-stress together, just don’t isolate yourself in the corner,” he said.

Another event to look forward to this week is the Festival of Trees, which is held by the Traditions Committee. Events will mostly be held in the Taggart Student Center and have holiday themes. Festivities will include a gingerbread house making contest, tree decorating, and a dance party.

“All the trees (being decorated) are being donated to families in need. Pretty neat,” said Kylie Loftus, the USUSA traditions director. “The trees are being donated through Bear River Head Start. There is a speaker coming Monday at 5:30 p.m. during tree decorating to talk more about the trees and the families they are benefiting.”

Another way for students to de-stress this holiday season is by going to Sk80’s Night, which will be held at the Cache Valley Fun Park. It’s free for students and is a great way to blow off some steam. Get your shoulder pads and permed hair ready!



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