Eight reasons Aggies are thankful for Thanksgiving Break


Thanksgiving Break is almost here and Aggies everywhere are counting down the days until it arrives. Not only is it a well-deserved break from school, but with it come many holiday celebrations and reasons to be thankful. Here are some GIFs to express the things Aggies are most thankful for in regards to the upcoming break:

  1. It means a long-weekend break from class.1
  2. Eating all of the food.2
  3. It’s one holiday where you don’t have to buy presents for anyone.3
  4. Spending time with family is always a plus.4-2
  5. Black Friday sales.5
  6. Holiday movies are finally in theaters.6
  7. It means the holiday season is nearly upon us.7
  8. And there is no guilt needed for eating five servings of everything.8

Hang in there Aggies! There are only a few more days until Thanksgiving Break is here and all of the fun celebrations that along come with it!ending