Five things to do before proposing

proposal checklist

Congratulations! So you’re thinking of getting engaged? Here are some things to do before you pop the question.

Make sure you and your spouse have discussed getting married. It’s super fun to pull off a surprise proposal, but you want to make sure it’s not such a shock that they say no.

Determine whether you want to go ring shopping together. If she wants to go with you, it makes choosing much easier, but takes away from the surprise. If you go alone there are definitely more things to be aware of.

Learn her ring size. If you’re close with some of her friends or family ask them — they’ll probably know. If not grab one of her rings, let her think she’s lost it, and take it with you to the jewlers. There’s nothing that sucks more than not being able to wear your ring after getting engaged.

Learn her style. If getting engaged is on her mind, it’s likely that she’ll have some rings on her Pinterest or will have told some of her girlfriends what she likes. A ring is a large and expensive investment, so it has to be something you both will love forever.

Pick a place. Pick somewhere sentimental to both of you. Whether it’s where you had your first date or where you were when you knew she was the ‘one,’ where you get engaged is the start to your future as husband and wife and should be important.

If important to her, get her parent’s permission. Whether her parents approve could make or break the engagement.

Haley Yoder

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