Humans of USU: 10 October 2016



“This is my second year. I loved it so much I just couldn’t stop. Last time I stayed human the entire first day and then got attacked on a night mission by the original zombie. It’s one of the best ways to get tagged by a zombie, because they look like a human, so you don’t feel as bad. I really hope I’ll be human on Wednesday, but I’m worried because my friend just got turned and she knows some of my schedule. I might have to take different routes to class.”


“This is my fourth game. I had one game where I made it the whole time, the others I was turned. I like both, I try to have fun as a human and a zombie. When you’re a zombie, we set up these huge hordes, these hunting groups, and we run around campus looking for people and it’s really fun. I’m legally blind; I was born with it, so it’s something I’m used to and it doesn’t provide a lot of challenges. Sometimes it’s hard not to have any depth perception, especially when you’re running outside and there are stairs. They’re a safe zone, but when you’re running from zombies, you’re not looking so much at what’s around you as what’s behind you.”


“I never want to be a zombie. Some people say it’s fun; I personally wouldn’t know because it’s never happened to me. I’ve played one year before this. Only survivor. Last year I probably ran six miles a night. Developed the aim of a baseball pitcher. You learn how to sneak and not be found ever. I hid in a bush for three hours once.”


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