Humans of USU: 15 September 2016



“I moved here in sixth grade. So, were you at Cedar Ridge in sixth grade? No, you went to North Crest.”

“So we’ve known each other since eighth grade, and been friends since high school. I feel like it was in track, when we really became friends.”

“We threw javelin and we would go skip sometimes and make cookies.”

“My house was right up the street, so we’d go to my house, or go to her house and eat ice cream. You can’t tell our coach though.”


“We’ve been married for three weeks. We met when he was my lab instructor.”

“I think it’s all legal I’m pretty sure I did kiss her while she was in my lab, but it’s not like I was her teacher or anything.”
“Married life is good. We just got a bed. We’ve been sleeping on a mat for three weeks.”