Humans of USU: 22 September 2016



“My friend convinced me to come here, and then I transferred. I’ve technically been to four different schools, but I liked Utah State best, so here I am — the people, and the campus, the campus is just stunning. I love it so much. It makes me happy.”


“I’ve referenced my music enough times in my English 2010 class that one of the kids asked me what genre I play. I said indie rock punk. Then one of them asked if I was on Spotify, and I was like, ‘yes.’ So they asked for my band name and album, and I just gave it to them, and was like ‘this is not endorsed by the university, or this class. This is my own personal art.’”


“I’m really into the Liberty Movement. It’s based on classical liberalism. I do activism and stuff on campus. So I’m a sorority girl by day and a political activist by all-the-time.”


“I host a Brit-rock show. It’s starting up again tomorrow at three o’ clock. I just play a lot of music from the British Invasion. I watched a lot of Sherlock and Doctor Who and my brother was into Top Gear, so I was watching a lot of BBC. When I heard music in the shows I was watching that I liked, I’d look up the artist. So I just kind of expanded it from there.”