Humans of USU: 26 September 2016



“Mr. USU has been super fun because I’ve met so many cool people. Tonight I’ll be lip syncing to my favorite song: ‘Juicy Wiggle’ by Red Foo. I think all of our money is on Terran. We want Terran. We might throw it so Terran can win.”


“Hopefully we’ll have a great show tonight, and of course we’re all cheering for our boy, Terran. We want him to be Mr. USU forever. For eternity.”

“So far the dance has been super fun, the guys have been super cool. The students of USU should prepare for a good show. I would also like to put in a plug for Terran Maynard. Beautiful man, can dance like nobody else. Pops it, locks it, backflips it, everything. I think we all just decided to root for him, since he’s not here. If he’s not here to represent himself then we can represent him.”