Humans of USU: September 7 2016



“My brother’s actually a super good climber, and so he would set up slacklines while we were rockclimbing, below. So I started doing it while he was climbing and I wasn’t belaying or anything, and I just super liked it. Slackline yoga is literally just doing yoga on a slackline. I can do it, I just need to practice a little bit more. It takes a lot of flexibility that I don’t quite have yet.”


“I’m studying accounting and finance, with a minor in Japanese, since I lived in Japan for a year and a half on an LDS mission. My favorite word in Japanese is kakigooriki. It means shaved ice machine.”


“Actually, the plant is going home. A secretary cared for it during the summer months. I was extensively traveling. It’s one of four plants that I’m taking home now that the semester has started. I think it looks good — it needs a little more water, but otherwise it’s fine.”