Humans of USU: Zombies v Humans follow-up


Writer’s note: This double feature was meant to show how Humans vs. Zombies works, and hopefully include some interviews with zombies of USU. However, I accidentally picked three very good survivors, and they were all still human by Friday.


Tanner “A lot of close calls. In this game you have what’s called an OZ, Original Zombie. He plays like a human, looks like a human, everything checks out as human. So he can travel with all the other humans, and he just has to touch them and they become zombies. How do you avoid him? You be very paranoid. All the time. So I found out that the original zombie was in our group, a big group. I was talking to a kid that I trusted, and I said, ‘that guy’s the OZ.’ And we just split off and ran.”


Sean “My best advice for someone new would be just to try it. I know it looks funny if you’re running around throwing socks at each other on a normal day. But it’s honestly one of my favorite experiences so far at USU and I’ve made a lot of friends through it too.”


James “I was in the engineering building, and there were two kids who also needed to make it down to the TSC, so we made a group and we were going through campus together. We had each other’s backs the entire time. That was one of the coolest things that ever happened. I know one of them personally, but I didn’t know the other. It brought us all together.”