Judge rules former USU football player Torrey Green will stand trial for sex crime charges

Utah State Green Investigation


First District Judge Brian Cannell ruled Wednesday that the prosecution presented enough evidence to try Torrey Green, a former Utah State University linebacker, for 11 sex crime charges.

Based on the evidence presented at a pre-trial hearing last month, Cannell found probable cause for six first-degree felony counts of rape, three counts of forcible sex abuse and two counts of object rape — 11 in total. Cannell didn’t rule on one count of aggravated kidnapping.

Both the prosecution and the defense gave closing statements about 11 of the original 12 charges against Green. The purpose of this pre-trial hearing is not to determine whether Green is guilty, but rather to determine if there was enough evidence to try Green in front of a jury. Cannell didn’t rule on the count of kidnapping because he wants to get more clarification on the aggravated kidnapping law.

Spencer Walsh, Cache County’s criminal deputy attorney, said the prosecution team was pleased with Cannell’s rulings today and he’s proud of the alleged victims for coming forward.

“We’re very grateful to the victims in these cases for coming forward and reporting to law enforcement,” he said, “and also their courage for coming into the courtroom and testifying at these preliminary hearings.”

Green’s attorney, Skye Lazaro, said there isn’t enough physical evidence to try Green, saying she thought at least one of the women who accused Green had “guessed or speculated on a lot of her testimony.”

On June 6, the court will set a schedule to try Green with the 11 charges. Those will most likely include separate trials for each of the seven alleged victims.

“We’re hopeful that the judge will bind him over at that time,” Walsh said.

The upcoming trials will help a jury determine Green’s guilt but as of now, Green maintains his innocence.

No plea deal has been offered and Green is being held without bail.

Lazaro declined to comment on the case.



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    I don’t care what anyone thinks, this guy is an American hero! He scored a touchdown before! How many of you can say the same thing? I mean football! Come on!

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