More potential legal trouble for two USU football players


Troy Murray and Jaylan Brown, both 19 years old, were booked into the Cache County Jail on Tuesday for charges of burglary and theft, according to the jail’s website.

Cache Valley Daily reported the two males were connected to video games and consoles which were reported as stolen in December.

Both players have previous criminal charges.

Murray, a linebacker, was arrested in December on drug charges. He was given a Plea in Abeyance — meaning he is required to complete community service, educational programs and meet monthly with a probation officer through Professional Probation Services. After he completes his requirements, he is eligible to have the charges removed from his record.

Troy Murray

However, if convicted for the theft and burglary charges, Murray’s Plea in Abeyance could be revoked.

Brown, a cornerback, was cited in February for driving on railroad tracks. However, his case was closed after he payed a fine of $170, court documents state.

Jaylan Brown

Formal charges have not been filed against the two, so it is unclear when they will appear before a court.



Photos courtesy of the Cache County Sheriff’s Office

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