Letter to the editor: Choose roommates wisely

Letter to editor

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I’m a graduate student and have been in Logan around 10 years, originally I moved to Logan to attend USU. Which I did do and have since graduated from USU with a Bachelors degree. I mainly stayed in Logan due to a job and I’ve been doing a graduate program on-line. I am writing this because I feel like living in Utah a lot of people trust it to be a safe place, especially Logan Utah. I always have considered that to be the case and never thought I could end up with seriously bad roommates in my lifetime, especially living in Logan. This was the case back inn 2006 when I moved to Logan, in fact I remember as a young college student not locking the apartment door when going to class at USU campus. But this last school year I moved in with some random roommates like I’ve done many times before and it was an absolute nightmare. From day one these girls said they were big time LDS and I saw them go to church every Sunday. But nothing was honest about the living conditions in any sense of the word and I had to eventually just walk out in both incidences. This actually happened both last school year and this past summer. I now am much more careful on who I live with and who I associate with because not everyone your going to meet is going to live like they’re LDS, even if they say they are LDS.

I feel like as a general act of kindness that I need to caution everyone I meet to be careful on who they live with. If your going to move in with random people make sure you find out information on them, which you can do through looking up public records. Which does cost some to do, but paying a little to find out information on someone is easier then the nightmare of living with dishonorable people who could careless about you. And might even be willing to ruin your reputation in the professional world. Just a word of caution to USU students and I hope anyone who reads this will take me seriously!! As a side note, the same goes for landlords when your looking for an apartment. I have seen many good landlords, but I have seen several very bad landlords and if you looked at their public record you’d probably get an idea of what they’re like before paying them rent every month. 

Jeanne Evans

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