Letter to the editor: Look both ways

Letter to editor

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I have talked about this before but it needs repeating. In the state of Utah pedestrians have the “right of way,” however…. Does being in the hospital or worse being killed worth you being right about having the “Right of way?” It doesn’t matter who you are, your age, ethnic background, religion it is especially really bad here on campus. Pedestrians with headphones in, talking with a friend, just not really paying attention walk right out in a cross walk without even glancing once to see who or what is coming. They walk across driveways, streets and never look before crossing. I am wondering what that “right of way” means to them if I can’t stop in time and hit them. How quickly do they think I can stop with a heavy vehicle? Is that right worth pain and misery? Everyone and I do mean everyone should be just as aware of me as I am of them. We need to make eye contact with each other and know what each other are doing. I will stop for you but I need to know first what are you doing? Are you going to cross or keep going straight. What does it cost to quickly look in my direction, make sure I know what you are doing… wave to me to acknowledging we both are on the same page!  Please before it is too late, start communicating with us!

Denise Haller

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