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Letters to the Editor

Letters can be hand-delivered or mailed to The Statesman the TSC, Room 118, or can be emailed to opinion@usustatesman.com, or click www.utahstatesman.com. 

  • Please include your name, a short bio, a valid email address and a phone number where we can reach you.
  • We do not allow revisions.
  • Your Letter to the Editor will not be edited for grammar mistakes by our staff.
  • Letters should be limited to 400 words. All letters may be shortened, or rejected for reasons of good taste, redundancy or volume of similar letters. Submissions will run in the print edition of the Statesman as space allows.

  • Letters must be topic-oriented. They may not be directed toward any individuals. Any letter directed to a specific individual may be edited or not printed.

  • No anonymous letters will be published. Writers must sign all letters and include a phone number or email address.

  • Letters representing groups — or more than one individual — must have a singular representative clearly stated, with all necessary identification information. Letters that are potentially libelous or contain personal attacks against non-public figures will not be published.

  • Writers must wait 21 days before submitting successive letters — no exceptions.

  • The Statesman editors reserve the right to not print every letter to the editor. But all letters will be published online.


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