Local music ‘icon’ WhySound plans to close doors

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The music that for ten years bounced off the walls inside WhySound on Federal Avenue will soon fade away as its owner makes plans to close.

WhySound owner Jett Fesler expects this year will mark the end of the intimate 49-person venue and recording studio. After more than two years of ownership, it’s costing him too much financially and personally to keep it afloat, he said.

“There aren’t enough people in the valley interested in live music,” Fesler said. “It needs the studio and the venue to work.”

The small building is divided in two. It’s one part concert venue and one part recording studio. When Fesler purchased WhySound with his business partner, they divided responsibilities. Fesler would spend 40-hour work weeks mixing and recording records upstairs and his partner would handle artist booking and marketing for its twice-weekly concerts.

Then more than a year ago, his partner stumbled back into drugs and they split, leaving Fesler overwhelmed, he said.

Efforts to find booking agents and to train new employees were fruitless and the company began to flounder financially.

“It’s my fault; I should have known it would be as intense as it is,” he said. “I thought I could handle it for a bit.”

Megan Nielsen

Jett Fesler has owned Logan music venue, record shop and recording studio WhySound for ten years. This year, he decided it’s time for the studio to close its doors.

While Fesler struggled to juggle both responsibilities with the focus he said they require, the business needed more of his money, too. The hundred dollars or so once required to stay open no longer worked.

“Since April or May, we’ve been having to put in a lot more than that — just a lot,” he said.

“It’s been incredibly stressful for both me and my marriage — and I love my wife more than WhySound.”

Fesler said the couple plan to move to Salt Lake City in November, but he isn’t worried about the music scene in Logan.

“I don’t think music is going anywhere,” Fesler said. “It does suck, though; WhySound has become an iconic spot.”

“There are a handful of people up here that will not let music die,” he said.

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Photo by Megan Nielsen

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