Logan City Limits: Thursday recap

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Logan City Limits was kicked off Thursday evening with a series of bands of several styles. The event started at four p.m. in the Waffle Iron, where three groups played. Each band had its own unique style.

Jon Starn played alongside a four-stringed mandolin designed like a miniature electric guitar. Nora Barlow followed up with a wide vocal range and various covers. She was followed by the Lance Ruby Duo, who offered a soothing guitar duet.

Activity shifted to the Ellen Eccles Theater where tickets for the evening had sold out. The Young North and Brumby opened for The National Parks. Many attendees had never heard of the bands, but those who had were full of positive comments.

When asked about Brumby, Connor Young, a student in the outdoor product design and development replied, “They’ve been through Salt Lake, Provo, Logan. We go to their concerts all the time. They’re the perfect mix of twang and rock. It’s soul music.”

Throughout the night, the bands each brought a new stage presence, and the crowd gained more energy. By the end of the night, the theater was packed to capacity as promised. Plenty of people sang along to the bands.

Community members will return today to resume the event. Bands will begin playing at four p.m. in the Waffle Iron.

Phat Jester, Isabel Forinash, and Doctor Barber will all play at the Waffle Iron, ending around 6:30 p.m. Due to rough weather predictions for the weekend, some events have been relocated. Beginning at six, there will be an art gallery walk which has been relocated to 25 West Center Street and the Stacked Pancakes shop. There will also be a mental health panel titled “Resilience” in the Utah Theater.

While some attend the art walk and “Resilience”, others can watch four more artists perform in the Ellen Eccles Theater. Jill Johnson will open for half an hour, followed by Kitfox and Ivouries. Logan’s very own Panthermilk will hit the stage around 9:30 p.m.

The whole weekend is packed full of talent and entertainment for everyone. All personalities and music styles are welcome. Head down to the corner of Center Street tomorrow at four p.m. to enjoy a taste of the talent the city of Logan has to offer.




Photos by: Megan Neilson, Ethan Babcock, Sydney Oliver and Tim Carpenter

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