Logan City sewers exceed capacity


Logan City announced the local sewer system was exceeding its capacity at 6 p.m. today.

The city urged Smithfield, Hyde Park, Nibley, North Logan, Providence, River Heights and Utah State University residents to avoid releasing unnecessary water into the sewer system because the system is already exceeding its capacity.

“Until further notice, we ask that residents please avoid putting additional and unnecessary water down drains. This includes laundry, showers, dishes and flushing,” city officials said.

Utah State University Police officer Eric Christensen said he is unconcerned with the university’s water usage becoming too much for the sewer.

“This isn’t an issue at all, just advice,” Christensen said. “Our water usage up here will go down anyways because it’s the weekend and not a lot of people are here.

Logan City public relations officer Jim Harps said although there was no immediate danger, the Logan City sewage system is still at risk as long as this storm continues.

“The danger is the raw sewage,” Harps said. “If a manhole were to overflow, the raw sewage would end up in people’s basements, which would be bad.”

Both Christensen and Harps urged students and local residents alike to avoid doing laundry until Monday and to try to keep their shower times short.



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