Meet the USUSA: Bridget Brown

Bridget Brown (Baldwin)

Bridget Baldwin Brown lives her life guided by her passions for government, her love of “The Office” and her dedication to Utah State University. Bridget is currently serving as the Student Advocate Vice President for USU’s executive council.

Throughout Bridget’s life, her plan was always to attend Brigham Young University, as both of her parents went there. Once she helped her older brother move to USU for his first semester, Bridget fell in love with the campus and never looked back.

Once she arrived at USU, Bridget got involved with student events and the Hurd, which led to her decision to run for executive council last spring. Not only did being involved help her become Student Advocate VP, but was also where Bridget met her husband, Todd Brown.

“We were both on the A-team last summer,” Bridget said. “At this time last fall, I was so into him. He was in the brother zone at first, but then one day I realized my feelings for him.”

Before Todd and Bridget started dating, they discussed their goals of running for student government. They soon realized that dating and being involved in executive council would be a little more complicated than they thought.

“We kept it a secret because once the third floor finds out about something, everybody is asking about it,” Bridget said. “It was during the elections and during campaigning that we realized we wanted to get married. It was so weird to be colleagues with someone that you are dating and engaged to. It was the weirdest transition.”

Since their recent marriage, Todd has learned many things about Bridget including the fact that her mind is constantly thinking of something.

“She is always thinking about how she can be better, how she can improve relationships with others, and how to better help the students,” Todd said. “I will wake up at 1 AM and she is awake just thinking.”

Todd enjoys serving on the executive council with Bridget because he loves seeing her passion about the issues being discussed.

“I love seeing the care and concern she has for the students,” he said. “I don’t get to see her interact with students in her position very often, so it great to see her enthusiasm for them. The students are always on the forefront of her mind. It is very inspirational for me.”

Todd said he is excited to continue to build his life with Bridget and see where life takes them.

“Our life is going to be full of adventure and amazing experiences,” he said. “There is no one I would rather share all of my experiences with than with her.”

Kortnee Craig is one of Bridget’s best friends. They have been friends since high school, but that friendship became much stronger when they both moved to USU and became roommates.

“My favorite thing to do with Bridget is talk,” Craig said. “We do so many corky fun things, but the best times are when we keep it simple by chatting with a bowl of candy nearby.”

Craig said the thing she loves most about Bridget is her kind heart.

“Bridget is the most independent, strong, and capable 21-year-old woman I know,” Craig said. “She is very successful and has so much to take pride in, yet she is still the kindest person. She will do whatever it takes to make me happy.”

Bridget has always had big dreams and aspirations. From the time she was very young, her goal in life was to be a professional ballerina. However, as she found her passions for grammar and government, that dream has been altered.

“As much as everyone hates it, I love government,” Bridget said. “My dream is to be the Speaker of the House one day, which is why I am working so hard in school now.”

That dream is part of what motivated her to run for Student Advocate VP. Her biggest goal for the year is to improve the relationship between USU and the Logan City Council.

“It’s not bad right now, it just is not very strong,” she said. “We are trying to better campus and they are trying to improve the city. I think it would be good for the relationship to improve. In the end, I just want to make sure that the students have their voices heard.”

Michael Scott Peters has enjoyed getting to work with Bridget through the executive council over the past few months. He describes Bridget as hard working, opinionated and caring.

“Bridget is passionate about improving the quality of life for students at USU,” he said. “She seeks to be informed of our needs and works to correct campus issues in a timely manner.”

Peters wants students to know they can trust Bridget to advocate for them.

“Bridget is one of our biggest advocates to university administration,” Peters said. “You can put your trust in her. She is here to serve the student body.”

Bridget loves meeting and interacting with students and hearing their concerns about USU. Her one piece of advice for the students is to choose their major based on what they are interested in and figure it out from there.

“Appreciate your education and figure out your passions,” she said. “Then pursue that to your fullest. You have to go to class so at least find something that you enjoy. I think it is completely attainable, no matter what it is.”

Bridget said attending USU is one of the best decisions she has ever made.

“I believe in school because it is so pertinent to me,” Bridget said. “Coming to USU, being involved and realizing I could study whatever I wanted and getting involved has made all of the difference.”

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