Meet the USUSA: Spencer Perry

Executive Council

If Executive Council Director of Public Relations and Marketing, Spencer Perry, was a ice cream flavor, he would be salted caramel.

“I would be salted caramel because I’m a little sarcastic, but sweet when it comes down to it,” Perry said.

Spencer Perry was born in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1996. He moved back and forth from Utah to Oregon most of his life.

“We are a hybrid Oregon-Utah family,” Perry said. “I definitely have spent a lot more time in the rain than most Utah people.”

Perry is the oldest in his family of five siblings.

“My dad is crazy. I aspire to be my dad,” Perry said.

His father’s example helped Perry find his path to student involvement at Utah State.

“My dad is the nicest person you’ll ever meet,” he said. “He is an involved member of the community. Everyone in our city knew him. That is why I’m here. I wanted to be involved in the university.”

As a kid, Perry wanted to become a paleontologist. This dream has changed, as he now has found his passion in helping people.

“Now I am pursuing a health education and promotion degree,” he said. “I want to go to medical school. I was thinking of alternative paths beyond chemistry and biology. It’s opened my eyes to what I want to go into someday. I really love public health.”

Perry’s road to becoming Director of Public Relations and Marketing began last year as he served under President Ashley Waddoups. This year, he was appointed to the role by President Michael Scott Peters.

“We are a resource to other executive council members and the senate,” Perry said. “We do all event marketing, print, and online. It is a huge public relations role and brand management. My favorite part about this position is the other Executive Council members. I love them. I also get to deal with interesting problems and meet people that aren’t always happy. I like helping them go from dissatisfied to satisfied.”

Spencer Perry had several goals this year for his position. The first goal, which he has achieved, was updating the USU mobile app.

“I worked over the summer to do that,” he said. “Most people don’t realize it, but we now have all of our events on there.”

His second goal for this year is in progress. Spencer wants to change the way elections work for the Executive Council.

“I want people to understand USUSA,” he said. “I’m over elections. I’d love to see more than 32% of people vote. I want to increase voter turnout.”

Perry has a plan to help reach that goal.

“What’s in the works is a general info campaign a week before elections,” he said. “I’m switching up the bylaws. I want more information coming from the elections committee rather than candidates. I want students to see the importance in why you should vote.”

Through his position in USUSA, Spencer met his girlfriend, Janelle Slater.

“The first time I met Spencer I remember thinking, ‘How is somebody seriously so nice?’” Slater said.

The pair began dating shortly after working together in the President’s Cabinet. They have now been together for eight months.

“He is my best friend,” Slater said. “He thinks so deeply. This guy is incredible.”

Spencer Perry often writes his thoughts on the internet.

“He has a blog where he writes about his thoughts,” Slater said. “Spencer started it about two years ago. It is like the insights of Spencer Perry. He writes down all the different thoughts he has. He is able to think and write his thoughts so well.”

Todd Keniry, a friend of Perry, said the Executive Council director isn’t afraid of hard work.

“If he finds something he cares about, he will go all in,” Keniry said.

Keniry has been friends with Spencer since high school and the two have roomed together for the last three years.

“Spencer is the sort of person who really cares about people,” Keniry said. “He wants to make a difference. He has taken time to get to know a lot of people. He is willing to put in the time.”

Perry feels that he has become more outgoing since his freshman year.

“I felt afraid my freshman year, but now as a upperclassmen I am able to have a role helping people and interacting with others.” he said.

In his journey to help those around him, Spencer has come to know some things about himself.

“I am loyal to a fault,” he said. “In my pursuit to help those around me, I’ve learned to take care of myself as well as others. I’m more balanced these days, but I would do anything for any of the executive council members and students.”

Looking back on his life, Spencer Perry has had many successes.

“My biggest success was coming to USU for sure,” he said. “I absolutely love Logan Canyon. I love my professors. I don’t know anyone that doesn’t like their professors. From being in my program and getting to know these people, I have come to love the community of campus.”

Skiing, mountain biking, sugar cookies, and siberian huskies are all favorites of Perry’s, but helping others is what he loves most of all.

“I am here to help,” Perry said. “We serve officers and student groups. That is our role and we are funded by student fees. Come in and see how we can help you!”

Those who may be interested in reading Perry’s deep thoughts can find his blog at  



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