Meet the USUSA: Brendon Brady


When you look at Brendon Brady, you probably wouldn’t guess he’s watched all six seasons of Gossip Girl.

Though he loves Utah State University, Brady’s dream school is the University of Notre Dame. After visiting the USU campus a few times for conferences, however, he fell in love with it.

“Utah State seemed so much better and the students seemed more engaged,” the Student Alumni VP said. “I realized if I went to University of Utah or Westminster I’d just be living at home and wouldn’t really get the college experience I wanted.”

Brady is from Sandy, Utah and is an avid reader. He doesn’t consider himself a huge Harry Potter fan but just last summer he read the whole series.

Involvement has always been one of Brady’s main goals since his freshman year at Utah State.

“I got involved in a few things like the President’s Cabinet and the Alumni Association as a volunteer,” Brady said. “I held no positions; I just showed up and helped them with things and went to meetings.”

The following year, Brady applied to different positions in the Student Alumni Association and then became part of the President’s Cabinet again. Restless in his conviction to be an involved member of the Utah State student body, he became a college ambassador for the College of Humanities and Social Sciences and part of the A-Team.

The opportunity for Brady to become Student Alumni VP came after Rachael Fresh, the Student Alumni VP at the time, decided to run for president last year.

“There was no one else running and I thought, I can do this. I’m passionate about the Student Alumni Association and I love involvement, I love Utah state, so let’s go for it,” he said. “I ran unopposed and got the position.”

As the Student Alumni VP, Brady and his team put on networking events to get students in touch with alumni after they graduate to help them get jobs.

“We are pretty much to be a bridge between the alumni and the students here at Utah state,” he said. “We try to have those two groups connect so they can help each other.”

The Student Alumni Association also hosts traditions like True Aggie Night, the hello walk, snowman gallery and the Miss USU pageant.

Brady is committed to bringing more opportunities to the Utah State student body.

“We have some networking events coming up and it will be interesting to see attendance-wise,” he said.

After he obtains his journalism degree, Brady hopes to work in the public relations field, either for a brand or in politics.

“I’d love to work for a brand and do things like social media and be the voice behind their brand,” he said. “I can also see myself working in politics as an internal communication or communications staffer for a politician’s team.”