Mic Drop: Trump and Clinton are sexy…

Presidential debate

To all of those freaking out about the Trump and Clinton debate,

No. I don’t actually think Trump and Clinton are sexy… They’re just… you know… sexy.  

The presidential debate was filled with one sarcastic blow after the other from both Hillz and Trump. It’s hair-raising, scandalous and downright sexy. A narcissistic, Oompa Loompa, reality TV show host, millionaire with a furry animal living on his head is running against an alleged war criminal, alleged pathologic liar, feminist with a cuckold for a husband. Both are fighting to the death for the world’s most powerful political position. Damn. It doesn’t get sexier than that.B&WMorganPratt.jpg

Post debate, Facebook blew up with posts and comments about how people should stop trying to make “Trump” happen. (It’s not going to happen!)  I get it, you’re understandably outraged about he-who-must-not-be-named rising to power. Doomsday is upon us.

You speak about the debate, which was the most watched debate between two candidates ever, as if it were the latest episode of “The Bachelor.” Sensation drips from your mouths as you you say things like “Clinton makes me literally sick to my stomach” and “I had a panic attack during the debate last night.”

Your level of passion makes it seem like you care about politics and the future but I’m not totally sure you do because that same night, two local candidates faced off: Gov. Gary Herbert (R) debated Mike Weinholtz (D) right here at Utah State University. It was the only televised debate of this election cycle between these guys who are vying for the most powerful political position in Utah. It was televised on most Utah TV and radio stations and streamed online. But chances are, you didn’t listen. The majority of Aggies had no idea the debate was going on nor did they know who the candidates were, despite the fact that many of you are registered voters.

Granted, the Utah Governor’s Debate was void of sensation. Herbert is obviously going to win the election and neither candidate really brought their boxing gloves (or their anti-women rhetoric). The debate was just as awkward as attempting to make small talk in the elevator with that professor you hate and it was just as painful.

But it’s necessary.

I’m not going to pretend that Hillz and Trump aren’t important. But in this case, the little league is just as important as the World Series. Local government decides stuff that actually impacts your daily life, including making a budget for your schooling, making sidewalks that actually connect to one another, legalizing medical marijuana, abortion, divvying out land you hike on to oil and gas companies, legalizing gay marriage, covering potholes, etc. (One local legislator, Sen. Lyle Hillyard (R), tried to take down Robocop last year — you know, the guy who pulls everyone over in Mantua.)

What do you want to get out of your own local government? Do you want the Logan City Council to make parking even more impossible or do you want to get involved in local politics and vote for people who you think will represent you?

Ultimately, it comes down to you. You can either decide to watch more clips of puppies struggling with stairs (my favorite trend ever) or you can take some time to get to know the politicians and proposed amendments that I guarantee that will impact all of us.

You can easily look up who is running for which position at vote.utah.gov.

Be brave on doomsday,

Morgan Pratt

  Morgan Pratt is a super-senior studying journalism and communication. She loves her husband, her dog, and USU Student Media. Her favorite food is anything with garlic. She aspires to grow up to be the crazy sample cheese lady at the grocery store. She hosts the Aggie Morning Word Podcast for Aggie Radio.