The Millennial Wellness Center offers students alternative healing services

Body Talks

In recent years, alternative forms of medicine have increased in popularity. Holistic services such as acupuncture, massage therapy and essential oils are used to heal various ailments. For Utah State University students who may be interested in trying these services and more, the Millennial Wellness Center in South Logan has a wide variety of services available for patients, including foot zoning, face zoning, massage and MindBody Therapy.

Spencer Watson, a holistic medicine practitioner at the center, got involved with alternative medicine after having to return home from a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ and Latter-day Saints in 2013. Watson was experiencing gallbladder issues and nothing seemed to help.

“Over some months I had to go through a series of tests and I was diagnosed with Lupus,” Watson said. “My whole body was just going through this weird change, which is when I was introduced to essential oils and emotional release techniques.”

Kyle Todecheene | The Utah Statesman

Spencer Watson, owner of Millinnial Wellness Center talks to the Statesman student life media group about his jouney to his company. (Kyle Todecheene)

Watson said the connections between our emotions and how our body functions is strong.

“When you’re not processing your emotions or not processing stress, your body will literally begin to deteriorate and will manifest disease and discomfort,” he said.

This experience is what got Watson started on his journey of bringing holistic services to others. What began as house visits and Skype calls has evolved into the Millennial Wellness Center.

“The body has a natural communication system within itself,” Watson said. “When stress and chaos come in toward our lives, our communication systems break down and diseases and chaos start. My job is to come in and evaluate and figure out, ‘Ok where are the communication system breakdowns within the body?’”

Janet Eastman also provides services to a wide range of clients at the center. She got involved with alternative medicine when her children began struggling with health issues.

Kyle Todecheene | The Utah Statesman

Spencer Watson demonstrates the use of the light therapy. (Kyle Todecheene)

“My son had a brain tumor removed, yet he continued to have terrible headaches,” she said. “My daughter that I adopted from an orphanage in Eastern Europe had lots of health issues. The doctors’ solutions were antibiotic and more antibiotic. Antibiotic was briefly treating the outward symptom but not the underlying emotional cause, so the problem continued. Energy medicine has brought huge improvements to these issues.”

Eastman believes Body Talk, one of the services offered at Millennial, can have enormous benefits for students struggling with mental issues.

“Body Talk can help students be more focused, less anxious, and have better time management,” she said. “It will also provide amazing shifts in relationships and self-confidence issues.”

Watson said a visit to the center could be beneficial for students suffering from any range of problems.

“There’s nothing we can’t address,” he said. “When you look at everything from that quantum level, literally everything has the capacity to shift, to be observed and to change.”

Watson said although he is a little biased toward the Body Talk service, all of the services at the Millennial Wellness Center could have great benefits for college students.

Kyle Todecheene | The Utah Statesman

Spencer Watson demonstrates what he does during his body talk sessions. (Kyle Todecheene)

“We all process things and work through things differently,” he said. “That’s why it is important to have different therapies in the office because sometimes you need to.”

Watson emphasized how different Body Talk services are from regular therapy and why it is better-suited for some people.

“Body Talk is not talk therapy,” he said. “We’re figuring out, ‘Why are you doing this?’ Not from the standpoint of your conscious mind, but through understanding how the body functions and how things get trapped within us.”

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This article was written in collaboration with the Student Life staff. A special thanks given to Farlin Sanz, Carson Wolf, Kornti Wells, Shelby Black, and Miranda Lorenc

Photo Credit given to Kyle Todecheene



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