Multiple accidents on 1000 N Wednesday due to hazardous road conditions


Two car accidents occurred Wednesday around 5:30 p.m. on 1000 N in Logan. A total of five cars were involved, including a Utah State University police car.

The accidents began with a driver headed west on 1000 N after picking up her boyfriend from Utah State University’s campus. She felt her car slipping and opted to turn into a snowbank rather than lose control and continue sliding down the hill.

However, when she turned toward the snowbank she hit a car pulled over on the side of the road parallel to Maverik Stadium.

“The roads were too slick — I just chose the wrong time to start driving,” said the driver, who asked not to be identified by name. “I thought it was going to slide into traffic and hit another car, but instead it rolled into a snowbank.”

The woman said police instructed her boyfriend to move the car by putting it into neutral.

As he was doing this, another car began sliding down 1000 N and ran into her vehicle. Her boyfriend immediately got out to protect himself from being injured.

In a separate incident, a USU police department vehicle was parked blocking traffic on 1000 N when a truck slid down the hill and hit the police car.

Both the driver of the truck and USU police declined to comment on the accident. However, police advised everyone to drive safely through the snow.

For more information, the USU police department can be contacted at 435-797-1939.


Photo by Tim Carpenter

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