New mental health advocacy course available for registration


In response to the declaration of a mental health crisis on campus, the psychology and family, consumer and human development departments at Utah State University have created a mental health awareness and advocacy course.

The course was approved by the educational policy committee Thursday.

The goals of the course are to increase students’ mental health literacy and develop skills to respond to mental health issues in a healthy way.

Scot Allgood, the FCHD department head, said there will be a review of some major mental disorders during the course — specifically anxiety and depression, a couple of the most common among college students.

“If you have a roommate who is depressed or struggling, it’s going to have an impact on you,” Allgood said.

The course will be available in person and online. Ty Aller, the graduate student instructor, said he is excited to teach both sections and feels the course will be flexible and will be able to fit into students’ schedules.

The mental health and advocacy course was opened for registration Monday.  It is cross listed on Banner as FCHD/PSY 3700.

“If you take this course you’ll increase your understanding and mental health literacy, which will help you in the workforce and help you respond to issues in an appropriate way,” Aller said.

The mental health awareness and advocacy course is required for the new mental health awareness and advocacy minor.

The 22 credit minor has classes in psychology and FCHD. There are elective classes in social work, kinesiology and other departments.

A handful of courses in the minor already exist. The minor as a whole is still in the approval process.

Derrik Tollefson, the head of the sociology, social work and anthropology department, said, “We are excited to open our doors to people who are getting this minor.”  

The Board of Trustees meets on May 5 for the final step in the approval process for the new minor.