Noelle Cockett’s inauguration honored with signature ice cream flavor


Utah State University agriculture students brought out a new Aggie ice cream flavor to celebrate President Noelle Cockett’s inauguration.

A crowd of students and student advisers gathered on the quad Thursday to try the new ice cream flavor, inauguration peanut butter fudge crunch.  The ice cream consisted of a peanut butter base, fudge swirl and chocolate-covered pretzels.

The new flavor is limited edition. The College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences will have it for graduates. There is a possibility it will be continued and sold in the creamery.

1,000 cups of the new ice cream were gone within a half hour.

Matt Halton

Students eat the new Aggie Ice Cream flavor during the announcement celebration of the inaugural ice cream on the Quad on May 4, during finals week. (Matt Halton)

Cockett said the ice cream was a total surprise and she couldn’t understand “why everyone showed up.”  Cockett also said the event was special to her because she used to be the dean of The College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences.

Cockett said she “appreciate(d) the celebration so much. There’s no better place than the Quad.”

The event was a pre-celebration for Cockett’s inauguration that evening.  

The new ice cream flavor was voted on by students in the College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences. There were a few different options for the base of the ice cream and items to mix in. Students voted on the favorite.

Kylie Stephenson, CAAS ambassador, said she was a part of the voting process for the new flavor. Stephenson said she chose the peanut butter base because “it was something we didn’t have already” and the peanut butter base was “pretty cool.”

Kassidy Carnahan, CAAS council administrative assistant said, “This was a good decision. We are happy with this.”

Heather Lieber, the CAAS senator, said she loved the chocolate-covered pretzel chunks.

Students who completed their finals attended the event.

Brooke Jensen, an undeclared freshman, said, “The event was a good way to end finals week.”


Photos by Matt Halton

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