O, what’s in a dunk?


The thunder cracks and the waves may roar

But nothing compares to when the Aggies score

Not by a layup or even a three

But by Moore through the lane like a screaming banshee

He lays claim to the paint, and the court entirely

By a dunk and reaction ever so fiery

The bench then goes nuts, and the fans sure do, too

And it seems that this basket counts for much more than two

Propelling the Aggies, putting wind in their sails

With a dunk like that, there’s no way the team fails

It’s the play one remembers when one closes their eyes

The play one postulates could cause someone to die

It is basketball at its plainest and in its most pure state

And for the rest of us it gives good reason to celebrate

The ‘fro flies upward and onward, never thinking to stop

Until all foes are vanquished and the ‘fro remains on top

Yes, the thunder may crack and the waves may roar

But both pale when compared to Jalen Moore

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