Police looking for suspect who held student at gunpoint on Halloween

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Police are seeking information on a suspect who allegedly entered a young woman’s bedroom Tuesday night and pointed a gun at her head as a “joke.”

The woman was studying in her apartment at Edgebrook Hall, 820 N. 600 E., when a man she did not know entered her room. Without saying anything, he covered her mouth with his hand, pinned her against the wall, and held a gun to her head. He then said, “This is a joke. I’m drunk.” He kissed her on the forehead and left. The incident occurred between 9:00 and 9:15 p.m. and lasted around 30 seconds.

The man is described as looking 25-30 years old, about six feet tall, approximately 200 pounds, darker complexion but not African-American, a full beard 1-2 inches long, and a black coat with purple trim.

Logan City Police Department Capt. Curtis Hooley said the man is likely a student based on the incident’s close proximity to campus.

“We’d really like to make contact with this individual and find out what his intentions were–if it was supposed to be a prank or if he had other motives,” Hooley said. It was a “terrifying experience,” and “not funny at all” even if it was intended as a prank, he said.

Police have been canvassing the neighborhood and looking for any video surveillance in the area. They are encouraging students and community members to call or Facebook message them if they have heard rumors about anyone involved or if they know a man who matches the description, especially having a beard and black coat with purple trim around the pockets.

Hooley said that even though Utah State and Logan are generally safe areas, residents still need to take necessary precautions, especially students. “They need to start carrying their keys to their apartments and locking things up,” he said. “Even when they’re at home and during the day.”

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