Popular Aggie activities in Logan


Since it was founded in 1895, the town of Logan has been home to many residents and visitors. There is so much this historic town has to offer, but many people don’t know where to start.  

If you ask the locals what to do in Logan, the majority of them will ask if you have “cleaned the sink” at Angie’s Restaurant. Before your mind races to your days of family chores, it is not literally cleaning a kitchen sink.  

Angie’s has made its ice cream sundae famous by serving it in a literal kitchen sink. Brave souls can take on the mountain of ice cream alone or bring a few friends to help complete the challenge. If finished in five minutes, customers have the privilege of taking home a bumper sticker as a reward for their victory.  

The massive sundae costs $15, but depending on how many people join you, the cost can be split and students working to save every penny can divvy up the total.

Erica Mcneill

Students can go to angies to clean the sink and get a sticker to prove that they did it.

“We got a big group together to clean the sink because we heard that it was a tradition,” said Hannah Swenson, a freshman at Utah State University. “We had a lot of people there and it was a lot of fun. The ice cream was also amazing.”

Another classic excursion is the Wind Caves Trail hike located up Logan Canyon. Fitting for those who enjoy the outdoors, this hike is rated as moderate and is roughly 3.5 miles long. As it isn’t too strenuous, people of all ages enjoy the eroded caves and canyon views this trail has to offer.

Less than ten minutes from campus and featuring a lake, picnic tables, and a green field, First Dam is another ideal location for children, families and college students.  

“A lot of people go down there,” said Justin Headrick, a USU freshman. “There’s a grassy field and picnic area. You can feed the ducks and go paddleboarding. It’s all free to get in and it’s a lot of fun.”

Erica Mcneill

For individuals who are more interested in investigating paranormal activity, the Weeping Woman statue in the Logan City Cemetery piques the curiosity of supernatural-lovers.

The Weeping Woman is the gravestone of Julia Cronquist, who is supposedly weeping over the loss of her children.

The legend says that if one stands in front of the Weeping Woman during the night and repeats “Weep woman weep”, the statue will shed tears.  

“Me and a friend went during the day to find where she is so we could go at night,” said Quinn Doederlein, a USU sophomore. “We went up and there were tear stains on her face.”

For those who aren’t adrenaline junkies, Logan is also home to many shops and stores, including six different antique shops and a range of bookstores for those who are more keen on traveling through time than going back in it.



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