Ray B. West Writing Center hosts rotating student art gallery

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The Utah State University Writing Center isn’t just a place you can go to receive help with your essays. Each month, the writing centers display a different student’s art.

This month’s featured artist was Amber Utterback. Her art was displayed in the Ray B. West Writing Center.

“I honestly was really surprised that it got chosen, but it was very exciting. It’s the first time my art has been on display anywhere. I’m just grateful it is finally out there,” Utterback said.

For many students, this is a chance for their creations to be displayed in public.

Iain Laurence

Tasha Urban, an interior design major, has coordinated with the Caine College of the Arts and the Writing Centers of USU to brighten the walls of the writing centers with art made by students

“The writing center’s display is a starting point for many artists,” Utterback said. “It’s a great way to support our peers and be introduced to new art forms. It’s a chance for artists who aren’t necessarily featured in the art building to have their art displayed on campus. All the support and some recognition we can get always is very appreciated.”

Art can also change the way the writing centers feel and help students feel more creative.

Iain Laurence

Shaun Anderson, advisor of the Ray B. West building’s writing center, in front of the writing center’s special display of student art, put on by Tasha Urban in collaboration with the Caine College of the Arts

“A piece of work is an artist’s creation and I know a lot of artists put their heart and soul into creating it. So I feel like when any piece of work is put in a place, it is there to make people feel better because you can feel the care that was taken for it to be made,” Utterback said.

Tasha Urban is the art curator for the writing centers on campus. She decides what art rotates through the display.

“We don’t really have a “genre” at the writing center, and we love to display all kinds of student artwork, so as long as someone is willing to wait a few months to be featured, we’re almost guaranteed to feature them,” Urban said.

The writing center is always looking for new artists to be featured. You don’t have to be an art major to participate, it is open to all students. To be involved, email samples of your artwork to usuwcartexhibit@gmail.com.

“These exhibits give viewers a taste of the work that’s being accomplished and created at our school. Exposure to different styles of artwork can also broaden our perceptions and inspire us,” Urban said.

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