Recap: Logan City Limits, annual music and art festival in downtown Logan

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This year, Logan City Limits, a yearly music festival sponsored by Aggie Radio, was unlike any year before. The event spanned over three days, hosting nineteen different bands, six films, several art exhibits, and yoga.

It was a weekend packed with plenty of talent and fun for everyone.

“Logan City Limits was an absolute blast,” said Spencer Crosgrove, who attended a few concerts and art exhibits.

The festival revolved primarily around the concerts. The majority of the festival’s attendees were excited to listen to their favorite bands: Brumby, The National Parks, Panthermilk, Ivories and Sego.

Though people came for the headliner bands, people were provided with opportunities to be introduced to new bands.

Rianne Quigley said, “We caught the end of the Solarists, it was pretty different but it was good.”

Music genres ranged from the jazz of the Lance Ruby Duo, to the indie funk of Phat Jester to alternative indie rock, which was favored by most of the performers.

Many of the bands who played, including Panthermilk, Mideau and The Young North, have roots in Logan.

Other bands new to the city said they enjoyed Logan City Limits and many expressed interest in playing at the event in the future.

“We’ve been super happy to play,” said Peter LaBarge of Phat Jester, “The response that we’ve gotten so far has been good.”

This year, the event was hosted in downtown Logan, unlike previous years where it was held on Utah State University’s campus.

Alan Asco, an attendant, said, “I like the location. It’s a perfect location for the music and feel. I loved coming out of the concerts and seeing downtown. Even the snow was perfect for the feel.”

Mikey Kettinger, manager of Aggie Radio, said despite the challenges from venue changes and weather, the event went well.

“Logan City Limits brought together some of the most creative people in this town who are interested in making it better, and that is a beautiful thing,” Kettinger said.

Although he won’t be in the manager of Aggie Radio next year, Kettinger said he would like to see the event consolidated to one day next year.


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