Sophomore forward Quinn Taylor cleared to play in MW Tournament


Several days ago, things looked bleak for sophomore forward Quinn Taylor to play in the Mountain West Conference Tournament. An update from the athletic department illustrated some concerning problems with Taylor’s heart.

As explained by head coach Tim Duryea, Taylor would “feel his heart speeding up and he checks himself out. Then it calms down and he doesn’t have anymore issues.”

In short, scary stuff.

Monday, however, brought some good and somewhat unexpected news.

“We found yesterday right before we got on the flight that he was cleared to play,” Duryea said. “That gave everybody a little boost.”

Upon being cleared, Taylor went out and delivered one of his best performances of the season, finishing with 11 points and zero turnovers in the Aggies 90-64 win over San Jose State.

“Quinn came out and did what he does,” senior forward Jalen Moore said. “Finished the plays, play defense, be a smart player out there. That was huge for us off the bench… We weren’t sure we were going to have him or not, but when he’s able to play he does what he’s able to do. He’s a great role player for us, and plays the way Quinn plays.”

From a seriously dangerous health scare to helping the Aggies advance to the quarterfinals of the conference tournament, it suffices to say it’s been a whirlwind week for Taylor.

By all definitions of the word, it seems he has the heart for it.

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