Sports Staff Predictions: Utah State vs Idaho State

Copy of EB-USU-V-LOBOS-F1H (6 of 10)

Daniel Hansen, @thegranddanny: Last week, Wisconsin roasted the Aggies like a B-grade episode of Game of Thrones. Idaho State, to say the least, is not Wisconsin. Not only should USU not be roasted, they should do some roasting themselves. This is the one game of the year that the Aggies are better than their opponent in every facet of the game. That should be plainly evident.

Utah State 59, Idaho State 7


Matt Harris @snowmatt1417: You’re looking at a USU team that entered a Wisconsin game with little to no chance of victory, and was on top of the Badgers for nearly an entire half. Forget the final score, there is reason for confidence; confidence the Aggies are going to show all over the Bengals for 60 minutes.

Utah State 45, Idaho State 3


Sean Coghlan, @sdcog19: Although the team started the season with a fumble, I think this game can make up for last week’s second-degree murder by Wisconsin. This will be a ressurection of sorts for the Aggies. Look for Kent Myers to feel confident enough in himself and his teammates. Good first home game for Utah State.

But it’s the Aggies so who knows.

Utah State 35, Idaho State 10


Jaden Johnson, @jadenjohns0n: Here is a fun fact for you: Utah State once defeated Idaho State 136-0 back in 1919. Also, the two teams faced off in Osaka, Japan back in 1978. Neither of these facts really have anything to do with my prediction, but there just isn’t a ton to talk about with this game. Utah State defeats the 13th place Big Sky team with ease.

Utah State 42, Idaho State 6


Sara Sloniger: Let’s be honest, last week the Aggies had a rough start to the season against Wisconsin. However, this week, the Aggies are standing in a great position based the fact they defeated Idaho State last season taking home an easy win. Without a doubt the Aggies will definitely take home their first W of the season against the Bengals.

Utah State 42, Idaho State 10


Lauren Lomeli: Idaho State has been known for having one of the worst defensive lines in the conference, but at the same time, our defensive line is pretty young with not much experience. But hey, we got boys that play with grit and determination. If we were able to hold Wisconsin last week for almost half the game, I think we will definitely be able to come out on top against the Bengals.

Utah State 35, Idaho State 7


Logan Jones, @Logantj: I can’t wait for everyone to overreact to Aggie preseason part II. Remember how last year’s 3-9 record kind of sucked? The Bengals have four wins over the last two years, and trailed 6-3 at halftime in this year’s season opener against Western Oregon. Do you even know where Western Oregon is? I do — it’s in Monmouth, OR and probably the one place in the country a skinny dude like me could still make the squad. Utah State’s front seven will punish QB Tanner Gueller to the tune of four sacks, and the secondary will tally a pair of nice picks. Look for LaJuan Hunt to snag two touchdowns, and Myers to get his first touchdown pass of the year with a completion to Jaren Colston-Green.

Utah State 41, Idaho State 6


Thomas Sorenson, @tomcat340: This is the part of the schedule where the Aggies need to build some momentum. A blowout win today and a road win against San Jose State in two weeks puts USU at no worse than 2-2 (Wake Forest is really good). The Aggies were competitive in a number of the losses last year, they just seemed to lack down the stretch. Today is all about building confidence. A full-game performance like we saw in the first half last week won’t necessarily tell us a lot, but it’ll have everyone around the program feeling good. That’s what I expect to see.

Utah State 37, Idaho State 3.

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