Your Spring Break 2017 Playlist

Spring Break

Spring break was made for making memories, letting loose, taking risks, and living in the moment. It’s a time meant for adrenaline rushes, bonfires on the beach and long nights spent stargazing with the people you love the most. For backpacking, cliff diving, and road trips. For outdoor music festivals where the bass is so loud you feel it in your heart beat. Spring break was created for us, to take a breath, and step away from our hectic daily lives. It was created for us to create moments that really matter, and take some much needed time for ourselves, for once.

So wherever you are, and whatever you’re doing – chilling at Waimea, or sitting in your dorm room trying to write to finish homework for that class you absolutely hate, here’s a spring break playlist for 2017, to remind you to be present, make the most of today, and get into that spring break vibe.


Spring Break Playlist 2017

“Swim” – Valley  

“Carry Me” – Kygo

“I Know It’s You” – Guards  

“Tease” – Ehrling  

“Overture” – AJR

“Indian Summer” – Jai Wolf  

“Peaches” – In The Valley Below  

“Hey Child” – Korbee

“Can’t Let You Go (ft. Ellena Soule) – Axero

“In the Morning Light – Radio Mix” – Alex Schulz

“Safari” – Sir Felix

“The Green And The Town” – AJR

“Slow Mo – Felix Palmqvists Remix” – The Spacies

“Endless Love Suite” – Christopher Beck

“Agape” – Bears Den

“Wild Heart” – Bleachers

“When We Were Young’ – The Wild Wild

“Waiting Here – FDVM Remix” – Jake Isaac

“Echoes” – Solstis

“Dreamreacher” – Bakermat

“Never allow waiting to become a habit. Live your dreams and take risks. Life is happening now.” – Paulo Coelho


Have an incredible break!

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