Spring break is around the corner, where are you going?

Spring Break

Even with snow on the ground, the buzz and excitement of spring break rages through the campus hallways like a wildfire as Utah State University students anticipate the week long break from March 6-12.

“I think the purpose of spring break is to explore and take opportunities that I won’t have in the future,” said Mitch Condie, a junior in English teaching. “Someday I’ll have a family, someday I’ll have obligations, but right now I have a week that I have no obligations to anyone but myself and so I am going to take the opportunity to get out there and do things I’ve always wanted to do and deal with whatever monetary consequences come later.”

Freedom from class and freedom from homework can very liberating, but add a group of friends and it becomes a recipe for a good time. Whether you are driving to California, leaving the country or staying in the valley, the people you hang out with can either make or break your spring vacation.

Condie is going on a Mexican cruise with his two roommates and another good friend.

“We’ve done spring break together every year” he said. This tradition has turned a short vacation into an opportunity make memories with people he is close to.

Bailey Horn, a marketing major, echoed Condie’s advice.

Her idea of a perfect spring break included “getting a good group of people together to just enjoy the week.”

Being comfortable with your group of friends is important so that you can just relax and have fun, she said.

Once you’ve decided who you are spending time with your next task is to discuss where you are going and what you are doing.

Mckenzie Morris, a sophomore studying psychology, said the top spots for USU students to go on spring break are California and Mexico.

Condie suggested individuals looking for an adventure should try going to the Grand Canyon or Southern Utah For those students wanting to get out of Utah, Condie suggested going to Las Vegas, Nevada or hopping on an airplane to go someplace new and exciting.

The one thing all these locations have in common is the heat. March in Logan could mean spring but it could also mean another few weeks of cold snow. Many USU students find themselves looking to get out and get some sun. Whether it is the California beaches or the mountains in southern Utah, spring break is an opportunity to soak in some vitamin D.

Another big factor in deciding where to go and what to do is the expense. A week-long vacation doesn’t have to cost you the next two months of grocery money. One way to keep the budget low is by networking.

Morris said she has the opportunity to go to Mexico over spring break because her mother works for an airline and was able to get free tickets. Not everyone has a family member who works for an airline company, but there are other ways to network. You could look into staying with extended family or split hotel costs and gas money with friends to keep expenses low and affordable.  

It really doesn’t matter what you end up doing or where you end up going for spring break so long as you have time to enjoy yourself and relax, Condie said.

“Plan something cheap and just make it happen” Condie said. “Even if you are spending spring break in Logan don’t get down on yourself because then you’ll spend the whole time inside watching Netflix and it’s going to be a waste.”




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