Staff picks: Utah State football at Wisconsin

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Daniel Hansen (@thegranddanny): The biggest question for me in this game is how is new offensive coordinator David Yost’s offense going to fare against the Wisconsin defense? I’m anticipating the Wisconsin offense being able to wear down the USU defense over the course of four quarters, thereby putting the pressure on the Aggie offense to keep pace to stay in the game.  I’m expecting several occasions where Utah State looks potent offensively, but not enough for USU to really put a scare in the Badgers. Wisconsin 45, Utah State 27


Kali Tuttle (@tuttle_kali): My two cents? The Aggies just don’t have the same fight they had five years ago — 2012 was definitely our moment of glory — and can’t hang with those ranked teams anymore. But, the Aggies will put up a good fight, especially with starters like Myers, Lindsey, and Tarver. Overall, it won’t be an amazing start to the season, but it won’t be horrendous either. Wisconsin 27, Utah State 17


Jaden Johnson (@jadenjohns0n): Utah State will throw everything they’ve got at Wisconsin, and expect to see a much different brand of Aggie football in this game. But in the end the Badgers are a REALLY good team, and will be in the running for a Big Ten title. They are bigger, faster, stronger, and they won’t let Utah State sneak up like they did in 2012. The Aggies won’t win, but they will cover the 29-point spread. In the end, isn’t that what really matters? Wisconsin 42, Utah State 20


Logan Jones (@Logantj): The Aggies are about to be splattered all over Camp Randall Stadium — and that’s okay. It’ll be a frustrating game for an outmatched Utah State squad, but this is the best team they’ll face all year — rejoice in the small successes and move on. The Aggie defense will intercept Alex Hornibrook once for a nice morale boost, and Kent Myers will find Jordan Nathan in the end zone for the first USU touchdown of the year. Wisconsin 45, Utah State 13


Thomas Sorenson (@tomcat340): To me, the key in this game is the front seven of Utah State’s defense. Going against a defense as good as Wisconsin’s, the Aggie offense will be hard-pressed to score (last season the Badger defense was seventh in total yards allowed per game, fourth in points and second in rushing yards). Honestly, 20 points would be a notable victory for Utah State, which then puts the pressure on the defense to hold down Wisconsin. If Wisconsin is struggling to run the ball, USU could pull off an enormous upset. That won’t happen. Wisconsin 38, Utah State 6

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