Stolen tools lead to construction delay for new USU housing complex


Originally, Utah State University planned to have a new housing complex built by the beginning of June. However, due to delays in the construction process, the complex will not be ready until November.

Steve Jenson, USU’s executive director of housing and residence life, said one reason the complex will be delayed is due to a theft conducted by several construction workers on the project.

“Several workers took a bunch of tools in the middle of the night and just skipped out,” Jenson said.

Joe Beck, a project manager for USU’s planning, design and construction department, said he is not sure who the workers were, but the USU Police Department will prosecute them.

Jenson said it has been “difficult to get contractors to help on the project,” because Logan has very few construction companies. They had to hire contractors from across the country to work on the new complex, which will eventually replace Valley View and Mountain View Towers.

Several students who signed up to live in the new housing complex for the fall semester will have to make other arrangements.

However, Jenson said he and other USU employees have been contacting those students to inform them of other options, which include living in Valley View Tower for the fall semester and receiving a discount on the new housing in the spring.

“We wanted to be right with the students and we know it’s a pain to move in the middle of the semester,” he said.

Tori Garn, an incoming freshman who planned to live in the new housing, said she was upset when she found out the complex will not open as scheduled.

“It kind of sucks to have to switch halfway through the year,” Garn said.

Incoming freshman Aubrey Brandon said, “I was really excited to live in the new building and then I got the email that said it wasn’t going to be open on time and I was like, ‘Are you kidding me?’”

However, both incoming students said they are still excited to live in the new housing and are no longer upset about the delay. Both will live in Valley View Tower and will receive a discount when they move into the new housing.

Rather than waiting until the last minute to inform students of the delay, Jenson said he wanted to be proactive and upfront with them.

“These are USU students, we have to take good care of them,” he said.

Although the new complex will eventually replace Valley View Tower, USU Housing will not demolish the tower until the new buildings are completely done.

Since the new complex has not received a name yet, Jenson said he is “hoping we can get a donor to put their name on it.”

Jenson said he anticipates the complex will be “an amazing place.” It will include 13 study rooms, 24 common lounges, free laundry facilities and two outdoor firepits.

The complex will also include four- and six-person suites, with private and shared rooms available.



Photo by Kyle Todecheene

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  1. Kyle Stark

    Walked by the place every Tuesday and Thursday night along the cemetery side. All the gates were open, unlocked, it was dark, and equipment was left out. Thought to myself what poor management, having worked construction myself. No wonder stuff was stolen.

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