The stresses of finals week: GIF List


Dear Student,

Well you’ve made it this far. Congratu-freaking-lations.

However, your journey isn’t over and finals week is just around the corner. So here is a Gif list to remind you of some stressful things that await you.


A pessimist

  1. Endless studying that consumes your life. It’s an awkward moment when you realize your full-time job is to study.
  2. And when you can’t get work off your part-time job during final week.
  3. All the computer problems that always seem to come up during this time of the semester.
  4. Group projects … Enough said.
  5. General Test Anxiety
  6. When someone wrecks even the remotest possibility of a grave curve happening…
  7. The realization that you have to clean your apartment before you can leave.
  8. When people ask you what you’re doing for the summer.
  9. When someone asks you if you can hang out and you want to, but …
  10. When you can’t seem to shake this feeling …
  11. The fear that your semester will end like this.


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