Three candidates up for USU provost position


USU President Noelle Cockett and Dean Joe Ward have selected three candidates for the executive vice president and provost position.

The candidates are: Paul Layer, dean of college of science and mathematics at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, Laura Woodworth-Ney, executive vice president and provost at Idaho State University, Douglas Freeman, professor and dean of the Western College of veterinary medicine.

The applicant’s applications and cover letters are available as well as an evaluation form for student feedback.  

Each of the candidates will hold their own open forum during their campus interview to inform students about their credentials.

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  1. Willy

    When are the forums? How do students access the applications to review them? It seems like those would be good things to include in your “news” article.

  2. Cimaron Neugebauer

    Thank you Willy for the helpful comment. We have included hyperlinks in the story, so you can access the forms and see details on each of the candidates. We appreciate your comments.

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