Tips to survive spring semester midterms

Surviving the Semester

Editor’s note: Kortni Wells is a senior writer for Student Life at The Utah Statesman. In this article, she shares her personal advice on the habits and tricks that help make a busy semester easier.


Full class schedules, deadlines written in red a fancy planner that is always close by, and sleep loss because of a brain that just won’t shut off. Sounds like it’s midterms.

Don’t fret, there are lots of handy-dandy tips that will keep students of Utah State University on top this semester with a rocking GPA and stress ulcer-free.

Get some sleep

But seriously. I have always been a night owl and can stay up late into the night and be uber productive, until about 1 a.m. It’s a struggle. This past semester I took it upon myself to use up my free time getting ahead in my classes, so I could spend my nights sleeping. My grades improved, I was able to pay more attention in my classes, and I felt like a healthier version of myself. Something as simple as sleep helped me find someone I had been longing to find for quite a while.

Kyle Todecheene | The Utah Statesman

Ryan and Abby Devitt study at Merrill Cazier Library. Ryan studies Civil Engineering and Abby studies Family, Comsumer, and Health Development. (Kyle Todecheene)

Find a study buddy

I have been blessed with a fantastic roommate this year. I say that because she has been stuck with me for 7 years, and she chooses to stick around. She also happens to be my best friend. She has helped me become more motivated, more accepting of others around me and more dedicated to the things that matter most (school). She is always looking to learn more and keeps me focused. I have always been someone who has found it easier to come home right after class, settle in under a blanket and sweats, and finish my homework that way. Eventually, I started asking her if she wanted to go to the library. I found that I quite enjoyed being able to get away from the apartment, even for just a couple hours, to focus on the homework I needed to complete. I found that utilizing vital time in study rooms is the key to less procrastination.

Get involved

Get to know the events that occur on campus on a regular basis. Find people to go to sporting events with or friends that share a love of Yogurtland or Jamba Juice. Take time to get away from the books and go out and meet people. There are also so many clubs on campus and different intramural sports teams to join. Being involved in different activities and clubs on campus has made a world of difference for me as a student. I love being able to get away from the books, meet new friends and experience a variety of different things outside the classroom to enhance my college experience. I’ve also found that I perform better in my classes by being involved in outside activities.

Kyle Todecheene | The Utah Statesman

Photo Illustration.

Planners save lives, and grades

A planner can make a huge difference in the lives of stressed out students. I didn’t realize how detrimental they were until I started into my upper division classes with a million due dates, sometimes with multiple projects due all on the same day. As I started penciling in my deadlines, extracurricular activities and time for fun, I realized it was a whole lot easier to focus and not be as stressed with a clear plan of what needed to get done and when. Whiteboards also work wonders.

Utilize professor office hours

Professors literally give up time in their days to be able to meet with students. Use that time to your advantage. Even if you don’t think your professor pays attention to you in a huge lecture hall full of students, they do. They are also really personable and love taking time to get to know their students. They want to see their students succeed. Take the time to ask questions and make a good impression. They just might be writing the ticket of future jobs and careers.



Best of luck for a great semester, Aggies!


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